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It’s a brave new world for girls and gay geeks in tech

by on September 11, 2013

The tech world is ushering in a new normal of diverse workforces with active recruitment programmes designed to target gay people in a bid to make the most of a range of skills and personalities.

With tech giants such as Google and Microsoft’s London based Skype setting up networking events specifically to court the capital’s often highly educated – and largely unencumbered – gay techies, it sends a message to the industry that ‘gay geeks’ are in high demand.

According to a study by the University of California 46 percent of gay men have a degree compared to their straight counterparts, and many are earning more than straight people in the same profession, suggesting that companies are rewarding people who are able to offer more to a company’s bottom line.

But does this make it more difficult for women to smash the tech ceiling tech? Not according to Computer Weekly magazine, who note a proliferation of tech startups are owned and managed by women. With more and more women choosing to leave jobs where they’ve been a small cog in a big wheel to fill tech niches where problems have not been solved by the market, these women are forging a path in tech where they gain the chance to work within tech areas that interest them, or meet their needs, as well as the working flexibility they want.

It’s a trend that started stateside, with a recent survey citing a 12 percent higher revenue on privately owned female-led tech firms, with an average 35 percent higher return on investment, according to the Women in Technology: Evolving, ready to save the world report.

For girls and gay geeks, the tech world stereotype is slowly being turned on its head.


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